How to Overcome a Bad Case of the Doubts

Posted on May 28, 2024

Let’s prepare you for a quantum leap from you to you².

You need an understanding of what’s coming and how to manage yourself when your confidence gets shaky. Specifically, you need a game plan for dealing with doubt.

Doubt is a psychological process with good intentions. It’s designed to protect you against failure, judgement, or rejection. But doubt becomes the enemy rather than an ally when it causes you to delay or reject taking appropriate action.


Your Danger Zones

Self-doubt is likely to strike at six key points in the quantum leap process. Don’t be surprised if you experience an acute case of self-questioning in these situations:

  • You’re struggling to commit to an ambitious, highly challenging goal.
  • You encounter roadblocks or obstacles as you pursue your goal.
  • Other people doubt you and your plans.
  • You make mistakes or experience failure.
  • Pursuit of your goal gets hard and you’re weary.
  • You lose your way or run out of ideas regarding what to do next.

Let me repeat—those sticking points are a common part of the quantum leap process! You need to know how to counteract them. Above all, you need to keep believing in yourself.

Albert Bandura, one of the preeminent psychologists of the 20th century, said,

“Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure.”

Bandura emphasized that your beliefs about your abilities have a profound impact on those abilities, because your beliefs shape how you think, feel, and act. Often a person with mediocre talent but high self-belief will outperform a high talent person with mediocre self-belief.

So how can you defend yourself against a bad case of the doubts?


Rx: 7 Moves to Help You Overcome Self-Doubt

These tactics will help you stay the course when faith in yourself wavers:

  1. Refocus on your goal and read it daily. Make sure it’s clear, specific, and actionable.
  2. Practice visualization. Mentally picture yourself overcoming obstacles and achieving the goal.
  3. Manage your remembering. Instead of obsessing over your shortcomings and disappointments, mentally replay your past successes. Think back on the compliments you’ve received and relive the times when you felt proud of yourself.
  4. Distance yourself from the doubters and do-nothings. Associate with high achievers plus people who believe in you and lift you up.
  5. Reduce negativity in your thinking and mental inputs. Modulate your inner critic and maintain an optimistic mindset.
  6. Play to your strengths—your “Zone of Power”—because that will energize and inspire you.
  7. Practice gratitude. Appreciate what’s going well and what you should be thankful for.

Belief in yourself will be one of your most valuable assets in making a quantum leap. And you can do things to strengthen that belief.

Of course, you’ll still question your abilities from time to time. Just remember the quote from my you² handbook:

“If you must doubt something, doubt your limits.”


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