5 Interesting Books I’ve Read in the Past 4 Months

Posted on July 18, 2023

People often ask me to name my favorite books. That’s a tough question because I read so many every year. Most are nonfiction, but I enjoy an occasional novel. Here are a few of the books and quotes I pulled, thinking you might get some mileage from them.

The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers,
by Alex Banayan, 2018.


“Many times the hardest part about achieving a dream isn’t actually achieving it—it’s stepping through your fear of the unknown when you don’t have a plan . . . Bite off more than you can chew. You can figure out how to chew later.” (pgs. 13 & 95)

The Creative Act: A Way of Being,
by Rick Rubin, 2023.


“We tend to believe that the more we know, the more clearly we can see the possibilities available. This is not the case. . . There’s a great power in not knowing. . . A lack of knowledge can create more openings to break new ground.” (Pgs. 120-121)

A Gentleman in Moscow,
by Amor Towles, 2016.


“He had said that our lives are steered by uncertainties, many of which are disruptive or even daunting, but that if we persevere and remain generous of heart, we may be granted a moment of supreme lucidity—a moment in which all that has happened to us suddenly comes into focus as a necessary course of events, even as we find ourselves on the threshold of a bold new life that we had been meant to lead all along.” (Pgs. 441-442)

The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self,
by Michael Easter, 2021.


“The brain wants nothing to do with failure. . . Failure even a hundred years ago could mean that you die. But people vastly overestimate the consequences of failure today. The human mind is programmed to overestimate the consequences of something like screwing up a PowerPoint, because past social failures often got us kicked out of the tribe, after which we’d usually die at the hands of nature. So this evolutionary machinery we have doesn’t serve us anymore.” (pgs. 41-42)

Mind Your Mindset: The Science That Shows Success Starts with Your Thinking,
by Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt Miller, 2023.


“We get stuck: trying to solve problems in our health, relationships, or workplace by doing things that no longer work, but doing them with more energy and attention—as if oomph and drive is all we’re missing. . . Rather than thinking about what we’re doing, we need to think about our thinking. . . If the only thoughts you’re willing to think are the ones you currently have, then the only results you’ll get are the ones you’re getting. (P. 25 and 182)

This is just to provide a little food for thought. Give serious consideration to the quotes—maybe they’ll help you make a quantum leap from you to you².


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