Your Big Goal Isn't the Problem

Posted on August 29, 2023

Big goals aren’t necessarily hard to achieve in and of themselves. Ordinarily, the difficulty comes in making the necessary changes to you.

We all have powerful predilections—for example, our particular interests, values, and beliefs... our deep-seated likes and dislikes... our hangups and hardcore habits. Each of these attributes has an immune system that’s good at killing off our attempts to change. We are who we are, and we mostly remain the same person over the years.

As Max Frisch said, “Time doesn’t change us. It just unfolds us.”

When we do change in deep and transformative ways, it’s typically because of some powerful emotional experience. The world hits us, whether for good or for bad, leaving a dent in our very being. It could be something such as—

  • A near-death episode
  • Sudden wealth
  • Personal bankruptcy
  • A profound religious experience
  • Loss of a child

The experience might be blessedly positive in nature, or it might be devastating. But something must slam our psyche with enough force to fracture our psychological status quo, causing us to reframe ourselves and our worldview.

Otherwise, most of our efforts at personal change are small in scale and limited in results. We learn new things, our interests shift a bit over time and, sure, habits may come or go. No big deal. But if we try to move beyond the boundaries of our deep-seated predilections, we’re in for one hellava struggle.

That’s the sticking point when you set out to make a quantum leap from you to you². It’s not that your quantum leap goal itself is tough to achieve. What’s tough is battling to overcome your self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.

As human beings, we’re ruled by our thought patterns, mindset, and mood. Our thinking designs our doing. So if you’re setting out to do bigger and bolder things, you’ll need to challenge some of your entrenched ideas.

Decide to believe in yourself. Or at least decide to act like you do. Performance begins inside the brain.


Price Pritchett is one of the foremost experts on fast-growth strategies and breakthrough performance. His firm—PRITCHETT, LP—is recognized worldwide for its thought leadership on mergers, corporate culture, change management, and accelerated achievement. These writings define the behaviors and individual mindset underlying fast growth and innovation.


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