5 “Trying” Mistakes that Kill Quantum Leaps

Posted on December 6, 2022

Let’s say you want to make a quantum leap from you to “you squared.” Maybe you’ve read my you² handbook or its sequel, The Quantum Leap Strategy, and you’re fired up.

But maybe you’re struggling.

People with more than enough ambition and ability often make simple mistakes that sabotage their goal achievement. Take the following quiz and see if you are off target in your “trying.”

Quantum Leap Quiz

Mentally check the boxes that show where you’re making mistakes.


Mistake #1: You’re unclear about what you’re trying to do.

Coaching Points: A quantum leap goal that’s fuzzy or vague usually results in no solid plan of action. Make your aiming point very specific, sharply detailed, so you can map out steps for pursuing the goal. Without a clear sense of direction and a few ideas for immediate action, your efforts will probably fizzle out. Also, be sure to write down your goal. Research shows that simply writing down your goal makes you 42% more likely to achieve it.


Mistake #2: You’re trying harder, relying on “more of the same,” instead of trying differently.

Coaching Points: Dialing up your efforts but sticking with your usual modus operandi is a bad recipe for a breakthrough to you². If what you’re doing isn’t working very well, merely trying harder won’t change much. Instead, craft a more ingenious game plan. Challenge your assumptions about the situation. Consider different ways to deploy your assets. Look for a simpler, easier, more clever angle. You’ll probably need to take new risks, be willing to get uncomfortable, and maybe engage some of your lesser talents.


Mistake #3: You’re not trying to do what you love most.

Coaching Points: Are you listening to your head and ignoring your heart? You need to get your emotions involved! A breakthrough to you² comes so much easier when your efforts are driven by the heat of passion rather than by cold logic or raw willpower. Doing what you love cranks up your energy, nerve, and determination. So lean in to your strongest desires. They will guide you, motivate you, make your imagination come alive, and sustain you through setbacks.


Mistake #4: You’re trying to do it by yourself.

Coaching Points: Don’t limit your possibilities to what you can accomplish alone. Engage outsiders who are strong where you’re weak, people who love doing what you’d rather avoid, and folks who are proven successes at what you’re trying to achieve. Such people can help overcome your blind spots and limitations, bringing you new perspectives plus a broader range of possibilities. Leverage their insights, talents, and resources to accelerate your leap to you².


Mistake #5: You’re trying to do too much.

Coaching Points: People often spread themselves too thin by chasing several major goals at the same time. This dilutes your effort and puts breakthrough achievement at risk. If you want to make a quantum leap from you to you², you can’t afford to be scattered. Focus! Devote the lion’s share of your energy, time, attention, and other key resources to your one big you² ambition. Be willing to make sacrifices in other areas of your life for the time being.

Making a quantum leap to a higher orbit of achievement may sound difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Avoid the 5 “trying” mistakes and you can accomplish far more with less effort.

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