Luck: An Unseen Force That Shapes Your Life

Posted on February 20, 2024

Are you reluctant to set a stretch goal?

Do you think you can’t achieve your big ambition because you lack the money, know-how, or other important resources?

Those missing pieces probably aren’t as big a problem as you believe.

My you² handbook urges you to “Rely on the Unseen Forces” in pursuing a quantum leap goal. These are hidden dynamics that often prove to be stronger and more important than resources you can easily observe.

The Unseen Forces are invisible powers—intangible assets—you can enlist that enable breakthrough achievements. In chapter ten of the you² handbook, you’ll find that luck is mentioned as one of these phantom powers.

Luck is a quirky phenomenon, too unpredictable to count on yet too important for you to ignore. Most people pay little attention to this ancient concept. But it remains an active modern-day dynamic and may be the game-changer that helps you achieve your shiniest dreams.

Trouble is, most people presume that luck is a random force beyond their control. They don’t know how to influence the level of luckiness in their lives.

Do you?

Luck isn’t something you can make happen. But you certainly can manipulate probabilities and increase the odds that good fortune comes your way.

Here’s the catch: To become an ace at attracting luck, you need to understand the psychology of the game. You need to know the insider secrets from behavioral studies and neuroscience.

My new handbook—Lucky You—spells out the twelve key practices that can increase your luckiness on life’s journey. These research-based guidelines will give you a deeper understanding of the quantum leap process and help you capitalize on the awesome power of luck.

Lucky You is a great companion piece to my you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy handbooks. I encourage you to add it to your library because, without question, luck will carry enormous influence over how your future unfolds.

As the legendary CNN talk show host Larry King said, “Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.”

You can order the handbook here or on Amazon.


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