A Magic Trick for You!

Posted on June 11, 2024

I’m a psychologist rather than a magician, but let’s try a fun exercise and see if I can predict your thinking. I want you to concentrate, focus on my instructions, and complete each step in order:

  • Think of a number between 1 and 10. Got it?
  • Now multiply the number by 9. (If that gives you a number with 2 digits, add those 2 digits together.)
  • Next, subtract 5. Ready for the next step?
  • Now assign a letter of the alphabet to that number, where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.
  • OK, think of a country beginning with that letter.
  • Now think of an animal using the second letter of the country you’re thinking of.
  • Think of the color of that animal.

OK, now for the wizardry!

Are you ready? My guess is that you’re thinking of a gray elephant in Denmark. (This magic trick doesn’t always work, but the answer is highly predictable.)

Sometimes a quantum leap from you to you² feels magical, too, like it occurs because of help from supernatural powers. But those performance breakthroughs are also quite predictable... if you will use the Quantum Leap Ritual.

Make the following ritual a habit—practice it on a daily basis—and your results can seem like wizardry.

The Quantum Leap Ritual

Write down a clear, concise description of your you² goal, then find time to go through the following steps at least once a day:

  1. Get still. Relax and free yourself from distractions.
  2. Look at a photo, drawing, or picture that symbolizes your you² goal. Lightly trace around the edges of the image with your finger. As you do this, imagine yourself going there, overcoming obstacles, and accomplishing your quantum leap.
  3. Next, read your goal out loud to yourself.
  4. Spend 10-20 minutes mentally picturing the specific outcome you seek. Just hold those visual images in your mind, thinking through vivid details of how it (success) will feel, sound, taste, smell, or look.
  5. Now write down any insights, ideas, or action steps that come to you for accomplishing your quantum leap.
  6. End the ritual by saying to yourself, “I’m making a quantum leap. I know exactly where I’m going, and I’m open to the unexpected.
  7. Finally, date your entry.

The Quantum Leap Strategy handbook states,

“The power of this little exercise is truly staggering. But be patient. The payoff can be subtle, and sometimes it comes suddenly and dramatically when you least expect it.”

Meditative exercises like this are used by elite athletes and other superachievers to enhance their performance. You should give it a try.

But I’ll make another prediction: My guess is that, like most people who read this piece, you won’t make the Quantum Leap Ritual a daily habit. You’ll probably just shrug it off. Maybe it hits you as too simplistic, or too naïve and woo-woo to be worthwhile, but it’s based on proven psychological principles.

If you want to make a breakthrough from you to you², I promise you, the Quantum Leap Ritual is where the magic happens!

Learn more about the Quantum Leap Ritual in
The Quantum Leap Strategy.


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