Manage Your Remembering

Posted on June 28, 2022

Have you thought about how you think about your past?

We’ve been told to think positive in the present and be optimistic about the future. But what about when you look back in time and review your yesterdays? Do you pay attention to those thinking patterns?

Over the years you’ve created a vast memory bank. Millions of your personal experiences are encoded in your brain, and you mentally revisit moments of your history every day. 

When you do your remembering, the events of your past often evoke feelings. Some are positive, some negative. Your strongest memories are associated with powerful emotions such as shame, love, joy, fear, pride, or grief. These emotionally charged memories are difficult to forget and have enhanced recall. 

Most people are careless in managing their stream of consciousness. They allow their remembering to drift in random directions. Too often they dwell on past miseries such as their failures, embarrassing moments, losses, and personal shortcomings. This negative recall is painful and damaging in many ways. It’s inhibiting. It fosters self-doubt. It’s disempowering. 

You’re the only person with direct access to your memories, and you should avoid brooding. Sure, you will remember times when you failed or fell short. If there are lessons in those situations, take what they teach you, then let those dark memories fade.  Don’t entertain them any further in your conscious mind. 

The fact is, you’re free to think about whatever you wish, and you’re responsible for the flow of thoughts that cruise through your mind. You’ll be best served if you discipline your remembering…if you shut out negative ruminating and deliberately practice positive recall. 

You have an abundance of past experiences that provide solid evidence of your goodness, capabilities, and contributions. These positive aspects of your yesterdays deserve more of your attention. Pull these recollections of the better you out of your memory bank and polish them up. Relive your shiny moments, your high points, your proudest times. Recall your wins, the moments when you were at your best, the times when you were on fire. This strengthens you for future triumphs.

Make this positive remembering a daily practice. Pick a time and let it become routine—perhaps while you take your morning shower, or during a coffee break, or maybe when you crawl into bed. This will keep enabling thoughts at the forefront of your consciousness.

Focusing on the most positive aspects of your days past is psychologically nourishing. It feeds your spirit and strengthens your self-image.  It puts you into the remembering zone that encourages, energizes, and brings forth more of your potential. You will become happier. More confident. More resilient and worth more to the world.

To quote Buddha,

“The mind is everything. What you think about you become.”


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