What are you willing to settle for—a personal breakthrough or “more of the same”?

Posted on August 16, 2022

Go for a breakthrough.

You’re positioned for a quantum leap.


You can accomplish far more, in far less time, with only a fraction of the effort you’ve been giving. The quantum leap strategy of you² will enable you to multiply your level of effectiveness. Instead of settling for gradual progress, or no progress at all, you’ll achieve geometric gains. Dramatic breakthroughs. In some ways you can leverage up your performance to the second, third, fourth power, or beyond.

You have what it takes, the opportunity exists, and the timing is right. A quantum leap is something you are already prepared to do.

Study the situation. Somewhere in your answers to these questions you’ll find the opening for a high-velocity move from you to you².

Have you leveled off in your performance . . . flattened out?

Are you holding a dream in your heart, yet not giving yourself permission to pursue it?

Do you recognize something big you’re already prepared to do?

Does it seem that you’ve gotten stale, or burned out?

Can you identify something you want—passionately?

Have you stalled out, or “hit a wall”?

Do you see the signs of a remarkable opportunity you could seize?

If you’ve been struggling, or if you instinctively know you could do something much bigger, you’re ready for a performance breakthrough. Making the quantum leap—going from you to you²—is a radical idea, and it requires a fundamental shift in the way you operate. But the quantum leap strategy is not complicated. It doesn’t need to be difficult or complex to be profound. As Mozart would say, “True genius resides in simplicity.”

The article is taken from The Quantum Leap Strategy handbook. The Quantum Leap Strategy, the inspiring companion book to you², explains the unconventional set of behaviors that will bring you breakthrough performance results.

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