Fast Growth

A Career Acceleration Strategy

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


Fast Growth: A Career Acceleration Strategy provides a breakthrough strategy for career acceleration, competency development, and maximum employability.

Today's new career model puts you, personally, in charge of creating your job future. Use the 12 high-performance guidelines to achieve job security and career success by aligning your efforts with those of the employer, adapting to new challenges, and adding value by contributing results that count.

The secret is accelerated personal growth . . . a deliberate, disciplined routine that produces dramatic performance gains. Follow the guidelines given in this handbook, and you’ll push your personal effectiveness to all-time highs.

The chapter guidelines include:

  • Invest heavily in the now
  • Grow toward the sun
  • Trust in the power of future pull
  • Be sharply pointed rather than well rounded
  • Create white space, then innovate
  • Learn on the fly
  • Benchmark
  • “Stretch out” when resistance hits
  • Be gutsy in how you begin
  • Leverage your big winner behaviors
  • Build a power grid of relationships
  • Use it or lose it