Hacking Uncertainty

A Counterintuitive Code for Resilience During Disruption and Change

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


In Hacking Uncertainty, Dr. Pritchett offers elegant and innovative guidance for maneuvering through unpredictable times. He maps out the “road less traveled,” a secret route through disruption and change, providing a shortcut that helps move you through today’s fog of uncertainty toward the best possible outcomes.

You’ll learn the unusual psychology of dealing with unpredictability, a counterintuitive code for managing yourself under conditions of low visibility and high stakes. Use this code to bend your behavior in new directions far better suited for today’s rapidly shifting circumstances and chronic uncertainty.

The approach spelled out in this book probably isn’t what you would expect. It also may feel unnatural to you. But it’s powerful, and you can make it work.

Chapters include:

  • Beware of Your Natural Impulses
  • Examine Your Tolerance for Ambiguity
  • Open Yourself to the Uncertainty
  • Break Some of Your Rhythms, Routines, and Personal Rules
  • Control the Controllables
  • Focus on Contributing
  • Facilitate Information Flow
  • Follow the Rules of Improv
  • Let Intention Guide You
  • Use What Life Brings You

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