Hard Optimism

Developing Deep Strengths for Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, Adversity, and Change

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


The 12 practices of Hard Optimism coach you toward high performance. Based on disciplined research from the field of positive psychology, The scientific evidence is solid: Optimism is a broad-spectrum force of tremendous value to individuals and organizations.

Hard Optimism helps develop the thought patterns that build resilience . . . that serve as a buffer against stress . . . that energize, empower, and enhance performance in virtually all circumstances.

The mental practices described here can make you far more effective. You'll build confidence and creativity to help you take advantage of opportunity or overcome adversity. You'll develop a buffer zone against stress, setbacks, and disappointments. These powerful thought patterns give you staying power and resilience when your future is fogged with uncertainty. Finally, they'll protect your health and overall quality of life.

Regardless of what life leaves on your doorstep today, Hard Optimism positions you to handle it better.

Practices include:

  • Control the life-shaping power of your thoughts and attitudes
  • Assess your current level of optimism
  • Develop the explanatory style of an optimist
  • Eliminate the explanatory style that pessimists use
  • Recognize and dispute pessimistic thoughts
  • Use positive reappraisal to handle problems and disappointments
  • Make hope a habit
  • Know how and when to use negative thinking
  • Practice gratitude and forgiveness
  • Play to your signature strengths
  • Go for flow
  • Act the way you want to feel

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