Lucky You

A Psychological Strategy for Multiplying Luck and Achieving Your Big Ambitions

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


Luck plays a massively important role in shaping your life and your greatest achievements. It heavily influences who you become, which way your life turns, and where you end up.

But do you really understand how luck works? Do you consider it beyond your control? Do you even take it seriously?

Luck is the unsung hero in success. It provides a magnificent edge in life—an unfair advantage—and you need to know how it operates.

In Lucky You, psychologist and best-selling author Price Pritchett shows how you play a major role in determining your level of luckiness. He explains the behavioral science behind lucky breaks and provides a 12-step psychological strategy for engineering good fortune into your life.

This is a tightly written, practical, and actionable handbook grounded in solid research. It’s a very pointed message—only 61 pages—with fascinating insights and concepts you can immediately apply to bring luck to your endeavors.

Whether you have big ambitions, or simply wish to live a happy and productive life, you need luck as your wingman. Lucky You shows how to make that happen.

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