Solution #1

The Handbook for Workplace Fitness & Health

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


Your health affects your effectiveness—for better or worse—and can matter every bit as much as your abilities, education, and experience. 

Your body and mind are part of the equipment you work with. If this equipment is in poor shape, it hurts your performance. If you’re in excellent health, it helps you perform up to your full potential.

Sounds terrific, but millions of people now eat wrong, exercise too little, and rely way too heavily on modern medicine to fix the damage.

Everybody wants to be healthy and fit. We know we should eat right, get regular exercise, and avoid harmful substances. But, the problem is, people aren’t good at reshaping their habits. The answer to this core problem is Solution #1: The Handbook for Workplace Fitness & Health.


  • Five Realties of Wellness and Work
  • How to Live in the Strike Zone for Fitness and Health
  • How to Change Your Habits

Eye-catching graphics and stunning statistics grab the reader’s attention and make the case for wellness behavior. The message entertains, inspires, and focuses on behaviors that count the very most. This handbook is too powerful—too engaging—to ignore.

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