The Breakthrough Principle of 16x

Real Simple Innovation for 16 Times Better Results

Authors: Richard Koch & Price Pritchett


Use the 16X principle to become super-productive and to achieve results which are 16 times better than what you have been getting. 

Just like the 80/20 principle that underlies it, the 16X principle belongs to everybody. It’s a realistic, ready-to-use innovation process for doing things differently, with no more effort or energy than you use today to get 16X better results.

The 16X principle excites us with the reality that genuine, solid, and massive improvement is possible. Instead of throwing more effort at whatever situation or problem you face, consider which efforts you could discontinue. 

The rules of 16X are actually very simple. Relentlessly follow the five practices outlined in 16X for extraordinary results.

  • Focus. Focus. Focus
  • Defy the tyranny of routine
  • Do it your way
  • Recruit the support of potent allies
  • Recycle the world’s best ideas

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