The Mars Pathfinder Approach to "Faster-Better-Cheaper"

An Employee Handbook on Innovation

Authors: Price Pritchett & Brian Muirhead


Somewhere within you, waiting for the call, there lies a creative spirit . . . a bit of an explorer . . . a love of challenge and personal adventure. It hides in every one of us. 

You need to tap into this great potential and put forth the mighty efforts in order to measure up. You have to stretch, change your approach, and put passion into your work. It’s hard! But in some unexpected, peculiar way, it’s also fun. Hard fun. And it will bring out your best.

The Mars Pathfinder Approach to “Faster-Better-Cheaper” delivers hard proof from the NASA/JPL pathfinder team on how limitations can guide you to breakthroughs.

This enjoyable handbook uses the Mars Pathfinder mission as a case study. Learn how to apply the same “eye for innovation” that allowed the JPL team to complete this successful operation in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the money of the Viking mission that preceded it.

Use this handbook to help you:

  • Set goals that make you stretch
  • Let limitations guide you to breakthroughs
  • Deliberately choose to do things differently
  • Discipline creativity
  • Invite different perspectives
  • Plan . . . and improvise
  • Embrace eccentricity
  • Proceed with optimism and a “can-do” spirit
  • Develop robust solutions
  • Maintain momentum and forward motion
  • Be fully trustworthy
  • Take personal responsibility for communication
  • Demonstrate passionate commitment to success
  • Salute the past, embrace the future

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