The Unfolding

A Handbook for Living Strong, Being Effective, and Knowing Happiness During Uncertain Times

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


What should you do when you’re not sure what you should be doing? Sooner or later, we all face this kind of situation. So what’s your first impulse?

Change and uncertainty go hand in hand . . . but uncertainty often causes most of the problems. These 9 powerful “counterintuitive moves” reduce your feelings of helplessness, protect your productivity, and set the stage for successful change.

Lots of people find it more difficult to endure the ambiguity and waiting than to deal with actual changes once they occur. The “hang time” between announcement and implementation is typically very stressful and destabilizing. 

The key is to manage yourself instead of trying to manage the uncertainty. But don’t count on your instincts to guide you – doing what comes naturally leads to self-defeating behavior. Uncertainty requires special treatment, counterintuitive moves, before it will reveal to you its best possibilities.

The 9 counterintuitive moves in this handbook include:

  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Do a double-take on the hand you’ve been dealt
  • Think in the direction of strength
  • Commit yourself to full use of the present
  • Use intention to shape your future
  • Let nothing break your spirit
  • Live with the long view
  • Let go of what’s going away
  • Reserve judgment on the present until it becomes the past

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