This is an elite program for people seeking a performance breakthrough to a higher orbit of achievement.

Price Pritchett and his team guide participants toward a deep understanding and application of the concepts in the you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy handbooks. The program is grounded in behavioral research, new insights from neuroscience, and PRITCHETT LP's 40+ years of experience advising executives on fast growth and change management.

Our Lab


As Director of the Quantum Leap Lab, Dr. Pritchett shapes a hands-on, highly personalized experience for you. He delivers two days of intense exposure to the science of you² plus the insider secrets and shortcuts for making your own quantum leap.

We limit each Lab to no more than eight participants. This small group format maximizes camaraderie, engagement, and mutual support. The group benefits from the multiple perspectives and skill sets yet is small enough for a focus on each participant's quantum leap project.

The Quantum Leap Lab is a professional-grade program designed for serious work toward personal growth and major performance gains. It's engaging and highly inspiring, with a tight focus on positioning you for hard-core results.

The architects of the Quantum Leap Lab are Price Pritchett and Kim Webster, both Ph.D. psychologists who have decades of experience in training, coaching, and consulting to high-level executives in the most respected organizations.

Over the two-day program, Libby McCready, a master certified you² facilitator, will lead you through the you² Quantum Leap methodology, workshop curriculum, and 4-step process for achieving breakthrough performance.

Price Pritchett and Kim Webster will work directly with the group on exercises designed to identify your personal strengths, more clearly define your deepest goals, and hone your skills for reaching your greatest ambitions.


Our Design


The Quantum Leap Lab coaches you on how to manage the realities of the journey from you to you². We describe the predictable breakdown points and how to defend against them. You’ll learn the importance of “opening moves,” how progress often masquerades as problems, why failure is a valuable part of the quantum leap process, and how to deal with resistance whether it’s from others or within yourself. You’ll leave with a game plan, knowing the key success rules for making a quantum leap.


Winning in Our World of Exponential Change—Shaping the Future of You

Today's 3 New Success Principles



A Breakthrough Mindset

The Rules Are Different for Breakthrough

In a world of high-velocity change, offense wins.

Go nonlinear.

Muscle up with the power of “Minimum Effective Dose.”

Your Personal History of Quantum Leaps: Proof of Concept

From You to you²—The 4-Step Quantum Leap Strategy

Step 1—Picking your you² Aiming Point

Are you “playing to win” or “playing not to lose”?

Follow the new ground rules for goal setting.

Use limitations to give you lift.

Aim bold and big!

Step 2—Pursuit . . . Relentless Pursuit

Planning and organizing: Where you² dreams go to die!

Drive a stake into the ground with your opening moves.

Try differently.

Crack the code on the secrets of self-directed change.

Your biggest obstacle will be you.

Start. Now.

Step 3—The Quantum Leap Ritual

Become proficient with the “3-lb. tool.”

Spend time where the magic happens.

12 Minutes, twice a day.

Use your brain’s remarkable “search engine.”

How to make your mindset an asset.

Step 4—Tracking

Engineer early wins.

Turn setbacks into progress.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Keep score!



The Lab launches with a welcome dinner & orientation, followed by a 2-day group session at Pritchett’s Dallas office.

Session Dates & Times

Wed July 19 - Fri July 21  CLOSED

Wed Sept 13 - Fri Sept 15  CLOSED

Day 1 – 5pm Dinner

Day 2 – 8:30am - 4:30pm

Day 3 – 8:30am - 3:30pm

Continental breakfasts and lunches provided

Lab Fee: $7,500



1. Learn

Learn about the Quantum Leap Lab by reviewing the design, content, and date options listed on this page. Watch the overview video to enhance your understanding of the Quantum Leap Lab.

2. Apply

Apply to the Quantum Leap Lab by completing our simple online application. The application should take 15 - 30 minutes to complete.

3. Schedule

A PRITCHETT advisor will email you following receipt of your application to schedule an informational call. During the 30-minute conversation, we will respond to any questions you have and ensure that you understand the Lab process.

4. Enroll

Enroll in a specific Lab Session once you have received your acceptance. Following the successful competition of the application process, you will be officially accepted as a class member into your chosen Lab Session.

As part of our commitment to a high-touch and personalized experience, each Lab is limited to eight participants. Seats are confirmed once a candidate has completed the application process and submitted their deposit. Click here for terms and conditions.