This is an elite program for people seeking a performance breakthrough to a higher orbit of achievement.

We guide participants toward a deep understanding and application of the concepts in Price Pritchett's you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy handbooks. The program is grounded in behavioral research, new insights from neuroscience, and PRITCHETT LP's 40+ years of experience advising executives on fast growth and change management.

Our clients are Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial firms, not-for-profits, government agencies, and high-potential individuals.

Our Lab


A quantum leap, in essence, is a series of experiments. You're conducting a research project.

Here's how a quantum leap works. You take aim at a premier ambition—a true stretch target—and run a series of tests in your pursuit of that goal. You're going somewhere new. The route is sketchy. You don't know exactly how to achieve the goal. It's a discovery process where the pathway develops as you test your ideas.

The Lab is carefully engineered with a tight focus on the quantum leap process, the methodology for making the jump from you to you².We show you how to execute!

We limit each Lab to no more than eight participants. This small group format maximizes camaraderie, engagement, and mutual support. The group benefits from the multiple perspectives and skill sets yet is small enough for a focus on each participant's quantum leap project.

PRITCHETT's Lab leaders are professionals with a deep understanding of you² principles and the challenges of self-directed change. They possess strong facilitation skills and an encouraging, empathic manner.

The Quantum Leap Lab is a professional-grade program designed for serious work toward personal growth and major performance gains. It's engaging and highly inspiring, with a tight focus on positioning you for hard-core results.

The architects of the Quantum Leap Lab are Price Pritchett and Kim Webster, both Ph.D. psychologists who have decades of experience in training, coaching, and consulting to high-level executives in the most respected organizations.

We have designed and delivered bestselling performance programs that our clients rolled out worldwide. Our books and handbooks on personal and organization change have sold more than 14,000,000 copies and been translated into many foreign languages.


Our Design


Many studies have been done in recent years regarding both personal and organization change. The results are very clear: Most people's change efforts fail or fall far short of their goals. That's true for companies as well as individuals.

  • All too often people set out to achieve their goals with no methodology to follow. They have high ambition but no systematic game plan for execution.
  • They aren't psychologically prepared for quantum leap behavior. They lack the critical insights, self-management tools, and change management techniques needed for their journey.
  • They don't have adequate support mechanisms in place to sustain their efforts and bring out their best.

5 key factors that differentiate our Quantum Leap Lab from conventional personal development programs:

We provide a concise methodology, a systematic process that focuses you on the four high-leverage building blocks for breakthrough performance.
You learn how the game-changing jump from you to "you squared" is a mere 20% mechanics while 80% psychological. Performance begins inside the brain.
The Lab focuses on the dynamics of change—how people react, the most common mistakes, and how to manage the unique challenges of accelerated achievement. We prepare you mentally and provide tactics for self-directed change.
One of our key concepts is energy management. The dictionary defines energy as "the capacity to do work." It's your fuel, and your most critical resource. The Lab channels your energy away from the three main threats to goal achievement: resistance, distraction, and drift. This preserves your energy for high-payoff productivity.
The Lab will expand your horizons, keep you on course, and help you overcome mistakes or setbacks as you navigate toward your quantum leap goal.



The Lab launches with an in-person meeting of all participants in Dallas. We meet for a welcome dinner & orientation, followed by a 2-day group session on the fundamentals for making a quantum leap.

Session Dates

Wed July 19 - Fri July 21

Dallas, TX

Wed Sept 13 - Fri Sept 15

Dallas, TX



Your first step in the application process is to complete and submit the Lab Application Form online. We will review your information and, if it's determined that the program is well suited for you, a phone interview will be scheduled.

During the phone conversation we will respond to any questions you have and ensure that you understand the Lab process. Our intent is to manage expectations and gauge your level of commitment. The Lab is a sizable investment of your time and money, and we respect that.

Fee Structure:

  • The fee for the Quantum Leap Lab is $7,500, payable by credit card at the time of enrollment. This fee is nonrefundable once the program has begun.
  • Upon our receipt of your fee, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment with further details about the session in Dallas.
  • Registrants who cancel their enrollment within four weeks of the Lab's start date will be charged a $1,000 cancellation fee.
  • If circumstances arise such that you need to move your start date to a later Lab on our calendar, there is no change fee for rebooking.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

- Walt Disney

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