How to Execute Your Own Quantum Leap from You to "You Squared"


Two 4-hour sessions delivered over two days

This live online workshop focuses on the you² gearbox, Price Pritchett’s elegant, step-by-step formula for achieving a performance breakthrough.

A PRITCHETT-certified Master Coach leads you through the unique fundamentals of the you² process, taking you deep into the dynamics that can drive your own quantum leap. The program will:

  • Expand your understanding of you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy concepts
  • Position you to apply the powerful methodology for achieving exponential results
  • Get you focused, fired up, and more effective at pursuing your big ambitions

If you love you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy, and if you truly want to live their teachings in your own life, this is the workshop you need.

study The Quantum Leap Strategy

You have ambition. You have desires and dreams. But do you have a strategy? You need a powerful methodology that structures your ideas, energy, and efforts. The 4-step Quantum Leap Strategy offers the disciplined process you need to execute the leap to you².

STEP 1: Pick an Ambitious Aiming Point
Your Aiming Point is the organizing force for all that follows. But this first critical step in the Quantum Leap Strategy is where people often get stuck or go wrong. The workshop guides you away from common goalsetting traps and toward an Aiming Point that puts magic to work.

STEP 2: Practice Relentless Pursuit
Quantum leaps are uncommon achievements that require you to go beyond your common behaviors. This can get sticky. You need to leave your comfort zone, but that often causes people to become their own worst enemy. Learn the key moves and insider secrets on how to start, speed up, and sustain your pursuit of you².

STEP 3: Do the Essential Mindwork
Performance begins inside the brain—your thinking designs your doing. Step 3’s Mindwork practices are absolutely critical in the quantum leap process. They give you access to the mighty powers of the Unseen Forces. They show how to manage your believing, your remembering, your imagining. Mindwork is your gateway to the promised land of you².

STEP 4: Track Your Results
This is a missing ingredient in most people’s quantum leap efforts. That's a big mistake, because monitoring your progress can double your chances of making a quantum leap. Tracking is like a truth serum that exposes whether you're progressing or not and what your next move should be. The workshop helps you design a personal feedback system that educates, motivates, and accelerates your breakthrough to you².

The Quantum Leap Strategy is an elegant methodology designed to minimize waste and leverage the most high-impact concepts and actions. It's based on the principle of minimum effective dose (MED) which is apparent in all of Dr. Pritchett’s writings.

“In a world of complexity, the best weapon is simplicity.”
Price Pritchett

Workshop materials

Participants receive copies of the core materials Dr. Pritchett has developed to guide the leap from you to you². The content has been distilled in his signature minimalistic style for maximum clarity and utility.

Your digital materials include:

  • you² Quantum Leap Strategy Workshop Application Guide
  • you² – A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps handbook
  • The Quantum Leap Strategy handbook
  • The Breakthrough Principle of 16x – Real Simple Innovation for 16 Times Better Results handbook
  • Hard Optimism – Developing Deep Strengths for Managing Uncertainty, Opportunity, Adversity, and Change handbook
  • Hacking Uncertainty – A Counterintuitive Code for Resilience During Disruption and Change handbook

This is a live virtual workshop delivered in two 4-hour sessions over two days. We use exercises, tools, quizzes, and micro videos to help you apply the quantum leap principles.

The workshop will introduce you to an array of surprising facts and provocative concepts from psychological research, brain science, behavioral change theory, and Dr. Pritchett’s decades of experience consulting to top executives and major corporations on breakthrough performance.

What You'll learn

You’ll learn about:

  • Crucial differences between conventional growth and quantum leaps
  • The peculiar challenges you’ll face in trying to achieve you²
  • How to avoid common mistakes that sabotage quantum leaps
  • The power and efficiency of minimum effective dose (MED)
  • A remarkable personal “search engine” you carry inside your skull
  • 7 most common reasons people give for not pursuing their dreams
  • The sneak attack of 5 C-words and how damaging they are
  • How to capture the amazing power of the Quantum Leap Ritual
  • The 5 “trying” mistakes
  • How to deal with your own and others’ resistance to change
  • And much more . . .

You’ll participate in a series of unique exercises that help you launch and fast-track your quantum leap:

  • A Dream You’ve Not Pursued
  • Zero in on Your Sweet Spot
  • Who Are Your Heroes
  • Create White Space
  • Focus on What Counts Most
  • The 6-Minute Memoir
  • Are You “Playing to Win” or “Playing Not to Lose”
  • Opening Moves
  • What Do You Think
  • The 24-Hour Mood Clock
  • And others . . .

The Quantum Leap Strategy spells out the formula for breakthrough and positions you to execute. So shine up your dreams and ambitions—this workshop can breathe life into them.

“Dreaming is essential, but it's only part of the equation. You've got to put a strategy into play.”
Danielle LaPorte

Workshop Fee:
$1,495 per person
$100 early registration discount available for registration and payment received at least 30 days prior to the start of a workshop.

Scheduled dates and times:

All times are US Central Time and are designed to accommodate participation from many regions around the world. If these dates and times do not meet your needs, please contact customer service at to explore other options.

December 13 - December 14, 2022
January 11 - January 12, 2023
January 24 - January 25, 2023

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