you² promotes an unconventional strategy for achieving breakthrough performance. This powerful new method replaces the concept of attaining gradual, incremental success through massive effort. Browse our video programs and training that can help you make your quantum leap.

you² clips™

Subscribe to clips and every week a compelling 60-second email video hits your phone, tablet, or computer. These quick-impact coaching messages help you execute the quantum leap protocol in Price Pritchett’s you² and The Quantum Leap Strategy handbooks.


you² Master Class

Hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide have been touched by the powerful message in you² and, its sequel, The Quantum Leap Strategy. Expand your ability to focus on the execution of your dreams with the you² Master Class video program presented by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.


you² Quantum Leap Lab

This is an elite program for people seeking a performance breakthrough to a higher orbit of achievement.

We guide participants toward a deep understanding and application of the concepts in Price Pritchett's you² and Quantum Leap Strategy handbooks. The program is grounded in behavioral research, new insights from neuroscience, and PRITCHETT LP's 40+ years of experience advising executives on fast growth and change management.